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FreeWear.org items in FOSS events

We work since 2005 with the organizers of FOSS events by sending garments of our catalog for sale at the event. We donate a portion of the amount of each item sold to the organizers of the event, apart from donations we always do to the involved organizations of each item we sell. Of course, all costs of shipment and shipment return of the items not sold are paid by FreeWear.org.

It is a mode of collaboration that benefits everyone: the organization of the event (that can get an important extra source of income and has nothing to lose), to organizations involved (who also receive donations), to FreeWear.org (we would sell) and attendees, who can purchase these items in the event without the shipping costs. The audience can purchase the offered merchandising and fully adjusted to the characteristics of the event.

If you're organizing a FOSS event, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you all the details over conditions of FreeWear.org materials in deposit in FOSS events.

If the event is online, please, contact us: it's possible to participate with a link to our store. The people will have our catalog at their disposal and the organization of the event will continue receiving donations.

Here is the list of FOSS events to which we've sent goods from our catalog:

2020Akademy 2020 (Online) - KDEWorldwide
2019Capitole du Libre 2019 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2019Linux App Summit (LAS) November 2019 - Gnome&KDE (Barcelona)Spain
2019PyConES 2019 - Python España (Alicante)Spain
2019Akademy 2019 (Milano) - KDEItaly
2019Akademy-es 2019 (Vigo) - Asociación KDE España + GALPonSpain
2019PyCon X 2019 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2018Capitole du Libre 2018 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2018Akademy 2018 (Vienna) - KDEAustria
2018Akademy-es 2018 (Valencia)- Asociación KDE EspañaSpain
2018PyCon 9 2018 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2018B.A.T.M.A.N. Battlemesh 2018 (Berlin)Germany
2017Capitole du Libre 2017 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2017PyConFR 2017 - Python France (Toulouse)France
2017PyConES 2017 - Python España (Cáceres)Spain
2017Akademy 2017 (Almería) - KDESpain
2017Akademy-es 2017 (Almería) - Asociación KDE EspañaSpain
2017B.A.T.M.A.N. Battlemesh 2017 (Vienna)Austria
2017PyDay Galicia 2017 (Vigo)Spain
2017PyCon Otto 2017 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2016Capitole du Libre 2016 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2016PyConES 2016 - Python España (Almería)Spain
2016PyDay Galicia 2016 (Vigo)Spain
2016Akademy 2016 (Berlín) - KDEGermany
2016EuroPython 2016 - P.S.F. (Bilbao)Spain
2016Data Journalism Journeys - Open Knowledge Spain (Madrid)Spain
2016PyCon Sette 2016 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2016B.A.T.M.A.N. Battlemesh 2016 (Porto)Portugal
2016PyData Madrid 2016 - Python España (Madrid)Spain
2016Akademy-es 2016 - Asociación KDE España (Madrid)Spain
2015Bazar du Libre 2015 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2015PyConES 2015 - Python España (Valencia)Spain
2015Akademy 2015 - KDE (A Coruña)Spain
2015B.A.T.M.A.N. Battlemesh 2015 (Maribor)Slovenia
2015EuroPython 2015 - P.S.F. (Bilbao)Spain
2015PyCon 6 2015 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2014Capitole du Libre 2014 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2014PyCon 5 2014 - Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2014Akademy-es 2014 - KDE Spain (Málaga)Spain
2013Capitole du Libre 2013 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2013Akademy 2013 – KDE e.V. (Bilbao)Spain
2013EuroPython 2013 - P.S.F. + Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2012LSWC/KDE 2012 – KDE e.V. (A Coruña)Spain
2012Capitole du Libre 2012 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2012EuroPython 2012 - P.S.F. + Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2012Akademy-es 2012 - KDE Spain (Zaragoza)Spain
2011Capitole du Libre 2011 - Association Toulibre (Toulouse)France
2011XV Anniversary KDE (2011) - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2011KDEdu Congress (2011) - KDE e.V. (Bilbao)Spain
2011Guadec-es 2011 - GNOME Hispano (Sevilla)Spain
2011EuroPython 2011 - P.S.F. + Python Italy (Firenze)Italy
2011Akademy-es 2011 - KDE Spain (Barcelona)Spain
2010DudesConf 2010 - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2010Akademy-es 2010 - KDE Spain (Bilbao)Spain
2010PoLinuX 2010 - Polinux Association (Valencia)Spain
2009X Anniversary (2009) - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2009Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009 - KDE + GNOME (Gran Canaria)Spain
2008Akademy-es 2008 - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2008Guadec-es 2008 - GNOME Hispano (Madrid)Spain
2008DudesConf 2008 - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2008Guademy 2008 - GPUL Association (Valencia)Spain
2007Guademy 2007 - GPUL Association (A Coruña)Spain
2006Guadec 2006 - Gnome (Vilanova i la Geltrú)Spain
2006Akademy-es 2006 - KDE (Barcelona)Spain

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this type of collaboration.

Click here if you also want to print shirts or other specific items of the event.