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Custom clothing

We offer our workshop to print your shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts ...

Make your dream come true by sending an email to admin@freewear.org to print your own shirt, polo or sweatshirt, even just a single unit. We will respond immediately with the technical requirements that we need... and a very reasonable price.

The printing techniques we use are the screen printing, the vinyl and the sublimation, each with its possibilities and limitations.


Screen printing is the oldest technique of textile printing and lets you print in any color garment. The durability is excellent. It is a suitable technique for medium and large print runs, required for prepress work that make face very short runs. The price depends on the garment used, the number of colors to print and the number of garments.


The vinyl allows you to print a single garment of any material and color. It's very resistant, provided a few simple caring guidelines are followed (cold water, garment inside out, no bleach or abrasives).

Its limitations are the reduced number of colors available, and that very small details are not allowed in the design.

The design will be in vector format, in flat colors. If there is text, do not forget to convert it to curves.


The sublimation allows to print a single garment and in full color designs (photographic images, gradients...). The impression is indelible, his touch on the garment is inappreciable and is the most durable of all printing techniques.

Its limitations are to be printed in white or very light colored clothing (the inks foreshadow the color of the garment) and the garment must be polyester. Fortunately we have a polyester shirts that faithfully simulate the feel and appearance of a cotton shirt.

Send us the design via email to admin@freerwear.org and consult us, without any obligation, about the proper technique for your design and its price.