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When you buy is FreeWear.org, you are donating to the corresponding project or organization. In this way, by acquiring what you like and love, you contribute to your organization growing. And to us it allows us to work with satisfaction in something that we like, believe and support. Our usual donation is 3.00 for items such as t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, mugs... The donation percentage is around 15% of the amount you pay (VAT included). The items on offer have a lower donation, also clearly indicated.

During your purchase you can monitor that you are donating, which likewise will clearly appear identified on the invoice. The donations are made regularly, or depending on the amount accumulated.

At no time your personal information will be recorded, which we only prudently keep for a month, in anticipation of possible shipping problems. Afterwards, will be completely erased.

The information of the donation that we provide to the organization is, exclusively, the following:

  • Date of purchase
  • Country of purchase
  • Amount of your purchase
  • Garment caring instructions

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    In FreeWear.org we care for the quality of our garments to be resistant to wear. It is very important to follow these rules to extend their maximum life and not to harm the resistance of the printing. The duration of the garments and drawings depends heavily on their perfect care (washing, drying and ironing). The printing techniques used (textile screen printing, textile vinyl or textile sublimation)guarantee quality and duration.


    • It is advisable to wash the garment before using it for the first time.
    • Separate clothes by type and color.
    • Hand wash or machine wash, but always cold (no more than 30° C).
    • Always wash inside out so that the drawing does not touch the drum of the washing machine. Do not overload the washing machine.
    • Do not use bleach, stain removers or abrasives.
    • Never use dry cleaning.


    • Read the drying instructions on the label sewn in the garment.
    • Do not tumble dry or dry the garment with a dryer, it may damage the drawing.
    • Always hang upside down and with uniform exposure to light. Do not hang the garment to direct sunlight (it damages the intensity of the colors).
    • Do not squeeze or stretch in braid the clothes to dry faster.
    • Never dry clothes on heaters or radiators.
    • Hang garments immediately after washing, they would be easier to iron.
    • Hang garments the right time.


    • Read the ironing instructions on the label sewn in the garment.
    • Give special attention to the ironing of delicate garments (elastic...). Wet clothes to iron them.
    • Iron at low temperature (maximum 110° C) and with the garment inside out.
    • Never iron on the drawing because it would spoil the garment and stain the iron.
    • If the garment contains stains or dirt, do not iron it, it could aggravate the problem.
    • Keep the iron and ironing board clean.

    Mug caring instructions

    Download PDF

    • The mugs are ceramic and the printing is by ceramic sublimation.
    • Supports the dishwasher (never the industrial dishwasher)
    • It is convenient to wash it by hand, using softly the scourer, without 'scratching' on the printed area. It is preferable to use a sponge.
    • It can be used in the microwave.
    • Never expose to fire or direct sources of heat (gas cookers, induction hob, glass ceramic...).

    Vinyl application