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The LibreOffice Conference online 2021 conference T-shirts & more are now available to order!!

We sincerely appreciate the trust that TDF has placed in us to offer the LibreOffice Conference online 2021 conmemorative merchandising.

The orders received before Tuesday September 7th will be sent during the week from 13th to 17th, so that at least those from UPS arrive before the Conference. In those of the Postal Services, it will depends on the destinations.

This website will remain open until September 27th, and in the first week of October we'll send the orders received from the 8th to the 27th of September.

Please note: if you're ordering from outside the European Union, you may need to pay a customs fee before receiving your order. We recommend checking your country's customs laws. In these cases, you can add your identity document number, tax identification, passport or similar, by marking the verfication box 'I'm a company', in the final order data introduction form. FreeWear will not pay customs duties and will not refund your the order if you don't receive it, due to non-payment of the customs tax.

FreeWear.org will declare the content with a low-value, which will cushion any potential fees.

While entering your shipping address, please double-check the data, because any change made afterwards would imply an overcharge from UPS that would harm The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice.

In case of missed delivery because of absence, UPS will drop the package in an 'UPS Access Point' close to the delivery address, where you'll be able to collect it between ten and fifteen days. Or in the Postal Office, that will alert you, if you're absent at the time of the delivery.

...and happy LibreOffice Conference online 2021!!

For each item you purchase, we donate part of our profits to LibreOffice Conference online 2021. This way we all win :)

LibreOffice Conference online 2021 stuff available right now:

LibreOffice Conference 2021 bottle green bag
LibreOffice Conference 2021 natural bag
LibreOffice Conference 2021 apple green bag
LibreOffice Conference 2021 heather forest t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 anise flower t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 real green t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 heather forest t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 anise flower t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 real green t-shirt
LibreOffice Conference 2021 black sudadera
LibreOffice Conference 2021 heather green sudadera