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We'll be back on June 25th (*)


We sincerely appreciate the trust that KDE has placed in us once again this year to print the Akademy 2021 online t-shirts.

The design -one more year- is by Jens Reuterberg. This year, on a showy yellow-gold t-shirt with a dark brown ink print.


Akademy2021 stuff:

Akademy 2021 Online t-shirt
Akademy 2021 Online fitted t-shirt

Please note: To keep the price the same for everyone KDE e.V. is subsidising the higher delivery cost for those outside Europe. If you're ordering from outside the European Union, perhaps you may need to pay a customs fee to receive your order: we recommend checking your country's customs laws.

Please, it's very important that you make sure that the delivery address is absolutely correct and that you don't make address changes that cause an additional cost, that would damage to KDE e.V. Then, while entering your shipping address, please double-check the data. If you are not at home during your working hours, please, use your work address for the UPS delivery.

UPS will make a single delivery attempt. If you're absent, the shipment will be deposited in a UPS Access Point always close to the specified delivery place, where will be deposited before its return between ten and fifteen days. Such a return would also harm KDE e.V.

Please, for the benefit of all, take into account all these issues. Thank you... and happy Akademy 2021!!

--> Orders previous to May 20th will be shipped in early June. At this time, you will receive an email with the UPS tracking number.
(*) This website will remain closed until June 25th. Then, it will reopen until July 1st, to can place a 'second round' of orders for Akademy 2021 online t-shirts. These t-shirts will be shipped on July 9th. You will receive an e-mail with the UPS tracking number.